Arthus 3 Seater Sofa, Quail Beige was 399 now £269 (add £25 for Home Delivery)

Arthus 3 Seater Sofa, Quail Beige was 399 now £269 (add £25 for Home Delivery)

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If you add another £31 worth of stuff, you get £30 off using code DAFFODIL. If you buy 2 of these, get £50 off using code VCSPRING50.

Also, don't forget 6% TCB or Quidco !

Seemed like a good deal for someone looking for a stylish sofa or two. I think two of these for£488 + delivery (using code) might probably be a decent deal given the £699 M&S sofa is currently at 500+ heat.


If modernism met with tradition to make a sofa collection, this is what it would look like. Sleek, straight lines with a tactile finish.

The cubist shape is softened by the curved armrests - a feature that's highlighted by the accent piping. The solid pine legs complete this modern look.

The smooth seat implies showroom good looks, but don't be fooled - this seat was made for relaxing. The foam-filled seat makes it compact but definitely cosy.

EDIT: I don't have experience with It would be helpful if those who have ordered from can post their experience (good or bad) so that the community has a better understanding of whether this is worth it or not.
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Only takes 8-10 weeks delivery, or if it was like my order at once I’d ordered the date kept changing and eventually I was waiting almost 6months. Sorry OP, cold from me

Made to look good.
Made with s***e chipboard/soft wood.
Made to last a year.

The foot still I bought from them has about 1/2L of wood glue in it after I repaired it.

Try Long Eaton Sofas or Arlo and Jacob if you want something quality, or Loaf is also decent IMO.
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