Artin Anti Gravity City [email protected] was£59.99
Artin Anti Gravity City Storm@argos£19.99 was£59.99

Artin Anti Gravity City [email protected] was£59.99

Buy forBuy forBuy for£19.99
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hi,seems a good deal.ideal for keeping the kids happy.


I've added a direct link and an image. Thanks.

good price for both the above links..but when you factor in the price of a home extension i would need to set them up it rules them out for me..lol...voted hot

hmm just a couple of years i can start getting these
my grandsons are only 8 months and 7 months just now
so just a little early for them


Thanks dwaindibley, still available, thanks to skusey for the reminder

I bought a simillar version to this from Argos last year which was heavily discounted. It ended up in the bin a week later. Very cheap and nasty and nearly impossible to get the cars to do a complete lap without falling off and breaking.

I should have took it back to Argos and got a refund but couldn't be bothered to repackage it all back into it's original box (it would have took hours !!)

This gets a cold vote from me

that looks great!

I've read reports of these cheap slot car sets from Argos in the past where people have bought these for their children and stated it's impossible for an adult to keep the car on the track for a whole lap let alone a child and that it all ends up in tantrums and tears.



Looks far better in a big picture. Post pix peeps please!!!!!!!!!


For a fiver less this looks even better.

However, anyone I know who bought a recently built house would be unlikely to have a room big enough for either of these toys.

Actually - anyone I know who bought a new house recently could not afford children either.

I agree with Rogdog et al about the quality of this product.
I bought (exact same) one fm Argos recently and had to return the battery operated car lifts TWICE.
They still jammed/stuck, making the circuit impossible to complete with a car.
Went out and bought a digital Scalextric from Play.com - excellent - should have done this in first place. You get what you pay for applies in this case.

Remark: Full marks to Argos customer service for no-quibble swapping defect parts, (raiding a new set so I didn't have to wait) then eventually giving my refund, also no-quibble.

Didn't see this before, looks absolutely superb! The reviews worry me but I may take a chance on it for a quick laugh!`


Didn't see this before, looks absolutely superb! The reviews worry me … Didn't see this before, looks absolutely superb! The reviews worry me but I may take a chance on it for a quick laugh!`

Say how you get on.

good find... voted hot

Hi again
Given the comments from those, including myself, who have experienced use (or lack of it!) with this product, I can only say good luck to those who try it. (And you'll be glad it's from Argos, so you can get a refund!)

Meanwhile, here's some useful reading you may wish to consider before your purchse......

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