Asani instant noodles 6 for £1 @ Tesco

Asani instant noodles 6 for £1 @ Tesco

Found 22nd Jul 2017
asani instant noodles 6 for a £1 or 29p each. 6 varieties available online and in-store. I picked up only 2 flavours in-store but the website shows 6 flavours available.....I say it's a good bargain....
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Can't see these on the website and the link doesn't work?
Ignoring the manufacturer typos (it's "Aasani", not "Asani"), I used a Google search to discover that Tesco did have them online in the past, but no longer sell them from their site. So that's "0 varieties available online" then :-) I'm off to Tesco today, so I'll see if they stock them instore.
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