Asda 1kg packs of Penne Pasta just 13p @ Asda

Asda 1kg packs of Penne Pasta just 13p @ Asda

Found 9th Aug 2016
See a Penne, pick it up, then all day you'll have good...pasta! Seems to be National


good find op, heat added

Loads in Asda Redditch near he Bakery. Price said 50p but scanned at 13p at the till.

Skimming the page, I read that as Pennine Pasta. X)

Heat added.
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...Heat added.

and some water...

Bought 6 and put them in the foodbank charity box

Appears to be nationwide, two shelves full at Peterhead, Scotland ASDA.

Bargain for 1kg, shame it's not Brown pasta!

can't find any in hayes.

that looks like the old packaging so anyone who finds these will definitely scan at that price

Great thanx got in Irvine this mornin
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