Asda 2 Disney blu-rays for £16 including 3D

Asda 2 Disney blu-rays for £16 including 3D

Found 5th Nov 2013
Went into Asda Havant yesterday and picked up 2 Disney blu-Ray DVDs for £16 including 3D. It is online and in store. I picked up Monsters Inc (1) and finding nemo there was lots if choice though.

Great for Christmas.

I have checked but couldn't see that it has been posted before but apologies if it has.
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It has been posted before
I posted this
link not working
Was Nemo 3d? Or just monsters?
Sorry I did search but couldn't find it but always worth reposting for those who didn't see it first time round. Rolfie78 I got monsters 3D but didn't see nemo 3D.
Saw this same offer in my local Tesco too
?? Finding Nemo isn't in 3D on the website.
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