ASDA 2 for £1 on Homepride pasta bakes or £1.33 each!
ASDA 2 for £1 on Homepride pasta bakes or £1.33 each!

ASDA 2 for £1 on Homepride pasta bakes or £1.33 each!

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was in my local asda today and they had a display of homepride pasta bakes:
-cheese and bacon
-tuna bake
-creamy tomato and herb
-creamy tomato and bacon
all for 2 for £1, priced at £1.33 each so a good deal!

sorry if already posted did do a check and couldnt find anything



Can anyone confirm in other stores?

Thats bang on if its everywhere. hot from me

Yes............ They are the same price in Stevenage, was going to post this

Might sound a bit thick, BUT is this similar to pasta sauce?

OK, found the answer in the name, you have to bake the pasta in the oven

They did this offer last year, heat added.

not tried the others but the herb one is really nice :thumbsup:

Mmm, these are great for when you have no inspiration about what to cook!

Yep, in the Grantham store yesterday. Its also on the cook in sauces (curry, chilli) and potato bakes. had one for tea

For anyone who wants a cheaper (and more authentic) bake...

Cook the pasta until it's ALMOST done,
Whip up a bolognese sauce with mince,
Mix them together, add two eggs and grated cheese,
Put in an oven dish and bake for about 40 minutes until nice and brown.

From ASDA online: "Valid until 22/03/2010"

Perfect for any student!!

Nice one, ta.

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From ASDA online: "Valid until 22/03/2010"Perfect for any student!!

thanks have now put the link and that its online too now :thumbsup:
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