ASDA £2 Fresh Popcorn - Self Serve available

ASDA £2 Fresh Popcorn - Self Serve available

Expires on 07/08/2018Found 18th Jan 2017
Great value snack - £2 for a cinema sized tub of popcorn and its fresh, unlike like the giant plastic paint buckets I've seen that will have been filled months ago.
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Decent price but not that fresh thou. This popcorn is brought into store already made . I've seen Asda emptying large plastic sacks of the Popcorn into these display units.

Sounds like the cardboard junk the odeon sell then
As mention not 'fresh' don't think anywhere does popcorn fresh and as I understood the cost price to Asda etc is <20p... though may be very wrong
the machine in my local never works the popcorn is always stuck so the scoop it out the top
Just make your own, its easy.
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