Asda 2 litre Dandelion and Burdock 9p @ Asda
Asda 2 litre Dandelion and Burdock 9p @ Asda

Asda 2 litre Dandelion and Burdock 9p @ Asda

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Just bought tonight from Asda in Watford, 9 pence for a 2 Litre bottle.


Shame it won't have seen any Dendelion or Burdock root extracts, but still a decent price...hot

three for £1 at the moment


Carbonated Water , Malt Extract (Barley) , Natural Flavouring , Citric Acid , Preservative (Potassium Sorbate) , Sweeteners (Sucralose, Acesulfame K)

Asda's is normally quite nice actually.

A few weeks ago we where looking at the lemonade section and i saw this on the top shelf, the shelf was fully stocked, and i said "no ones been buying the dandelion and burdock", not unless the shelf had just been re-stocked, but if it is 9p, i think its because its not a big seller.

Anyway, it should be nice :thumbsup:

Wasn't 9p for me on Wednesday...

9p.... eak - I'd steer clear!!!! Sounds disgusting too!!!! ;-)

what about american cream soda? (tasty)



Wasn't 9p for me on Wednesday...

Yes, slurry head, it was posted just over an hour ago, hence when you bought it 48 hours ago, it may not have been such a bargain! Gripe water is what you need, not D&B!


http://groceries.asda.com/asda-estore/search/searchcontainer.jsp?trailSize=1&searchString=dandilion+burdock&domainName=Products&headerVersion=v1&_requestid=88398still 48p

May still be instore though.

its like dr pepper taste great the first few swigs, then gawd awful after that!!!!

I don't like the taste of this. Get root beer instead.

Decent drink until Asda started watering it down and then taking the sugar out of the recipe ... so to sum up if you fancy a couple of litres of low calorie cats **** - then go for this ...

I believe a lot of decent items we had from our youth have been killed in similar fashion by the diet police and this is sadly one!!:roll:

Bought one the other weak for about 50p. Decent enough, lasted about 3 or 4 days inthe fridge with still enough CO2 in it. Taste not the best ever but not much of D&B around these days. Eminently drinkable though.

whats the taste comparable to? never heard of it.

I like it, its hard to compare the taste to anything because its not like anything else!!

If you see it for 9p worth a try, recommended! Serve well chilled :-)

YUK! great price though so heat added, but still yuk!

Not 9p for me and bought exact same stuff yesterday afternoon. Good if you can find it though.

34p or 3 for a pound in my local Asda today :?

It's the Marmite of the pop world

48p this morning in the Stafford Asda

heated up to nearly 400. has anybody actually got it at this price? 48p in scunny or 3 for £1 :whistling:


"The "dandelion and burdock" drink for sale in many retail outlets rarely contains either plant. The retail drink is often carbonated, containing artificial sweeteners and flavourings."

hot deal, dont drink this though, use it for cleaning your toilets or drains, it'll rot your guts


48p this morning in the Stafford Asda

Same in Blantyre.

why's this got so hot was in asda today got 3 bottles and it was £1,looking at other posts on here no one has found this at 9p.FFS please check deals out before voting to many of these posted everyone jumps in with both feet vote hot
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