Asda - £3 for 15 cans Fanta / Dr Pepper
Asda - £3 for 15 cans Fanta / Dr Pepper

Asda - £3 for 15 cans Fanta / Dr Pepper

Just back from an early morning shop at Asda, and they were filling up a stack of Fanta and Dr Pepper 15 can pack for £3. They are a halloween promotion, hence the cheap price, but the use by date is Nov 2011.

Only came in this morning, but will possibly be popular, as they were right at the front door.

Fab spot by mcphail on mse


Not sure how this is cold, Great price. !

National deal or store specific I wonder?

Heat added regardless

was in wakefield store 3 days ago big pallets full next to door also got 15 cans of coca cola for £4

It was nationwide, got this price a couple months ago, and it was in every asda in cardiff

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thanks gary2602 and canada16 for confirming they had seen it in other stores.

'Liked' all youe posts (_;) Thanks

There's two products on the markey which make me feel like I am physically going to be ill and actually vomit on the markey - dr pepper and chicken bites.

dunno why.

Hot for the Fanta, best not comment on Dr Pepper....

Not in Grimsby as usual

£3 in robroyston

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£3 in robroyston

oh, i love Asda Robroyston - my mam stayed in Stepps until recently - used to go all the time - fab after the did the upper floor
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