ASDA 3 for £2  on many bakery items. or 67p each

ASDA 3 for £2 on many bakery items. or 67p each

Found 6th Apr 2011
Seen in Asdas Horwich store.
Crumpets marked as 67p or the great deal of the day surely @ 3 for £2.00. I'm off to buy another 6.


MEGA HOT! Save 1p!!


MEGA HOT! Save 1p!!

Not if you buy nine, like the OP. He saved 3p

I think he knew that, hence the wink...

It would cost me 3p in electrickery to find that super deal on UKHDs!!
( :>p)

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Come on it should be FREEZING in here.....

Saw another deal today where a mega VALUE pack of 4 was actually more expensive than buying 4 (same size) individuals.
Coke, Kitchen roll, toilet roll seems to be the favourite scam of all supermarkets though.... why do people think it acceptable that 50p per roll is acceptable...

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Why is this expired? Deal of the century is still live in ie bolton.
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