Asda 3 for £20 DVD's, CD's Books and Toys

Asda 3 for £20 DVD's, CD's Books and Toys

Found 8th Dec 2014
3 for £20 on some chart CD's and DVD's, books and Toys mix and Match


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Will be both instore and online if it is the same as last year.

Works out a really good deal if you're planning on buying a few new release DVDs working out at £6.66 each!

Few CDs for my kids' stockings cheers

Lands instore tomorrow.

Thanks been waiting for a 3 for £20 in one of the stores, 3 cd's ordered

Thanks, just ticked another 3 things off the Xmas list


Can u mix n match CD's n DVD's or has it got to be 3 cds/dvds?

you can mix and match- instore as well. They had one direction cd or dvd, sam smith, olly murs, inbetweeners 2, maleficent, loads of chart stuff. and books like guinness book of records, gogglebox, ripleys etc hot from me!

This is a great deal. Amazon must be gutted. They appear to have increased the CD / DVD prices over the last few weeks. How mysterious....

Oh and don't forget 3% quidco on Asda direct

It's the top 20 chart DVDs and CDs. Bit sneaky because they've moved some of the new releases down to the lower positions so they're not included, but there's still a decent enough selection and includes some kids DVDs too.

I had to buy Sam Smiths album, Ed Sheerans album and 22 Jump street on DVD. I almost bought 22 jump street the other day for the other halfs son as it seems to be £10 no matter where I looked but I completely forgot until she asked me had I ordered it so this has come in handy.
Hot from me.

Nips.. managed to hit cold instead of hot with my sausage fingers!

anyone remember the 3 for £10 glitch 2 christmas ago? Rinsed it up!

Cheers Op, good shout!

Amazon have done their usual and matched the deal:…9QE

Thanks, just ordered a few extra pressies. Don't forget 3% quidco and free click and collect

Ordered from asda as get quidco cash back there nothing different on amazons pricematch to tempt me away from asda thk u for posting heat added

Brilliant deal! Thanks

good deal but theres only 20 dvds and they aint great.
Good deal for the cds though

Just bought some instore, great price!


Amazon have done their usual and matched the … Amazon have done their usual and matched the deal:

Thanks for that saved me from a trip to ASDA.


Thanks for that saved me from a trip to ASDA.

Free delivery on Asda anyway!

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Excellent service from Asda ordered early Monday arrived on Wednesday.

When does the 3 for 20.00deal end ?

Great Deal got 3 DVD's was going to buy 2 anyway priced at £10 so 1 free basically

Just popped into my Asda and the offer has ended

I was in there yesterday and they didn't have 1 of the 3 I wanted (They had Ed S, AC/DC but not live lounge)

poo pants

can anybody tell me when this offer ends im sure i read in a national newspaper it was on until xmas eve?? thank u

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Certainly seems still to be on online with some new items added although there are a number of things now out of stock

I've just rung asda store and the offer was taken off at 9am this morning. It has been removed from asda direct site too. I though the end date was longer through?
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