Asda 300g Jar of Kenco Rappor Coffee £4.00

Asda 300g Jar of Kenco Rappor Coffee £4.00

Found 4th Feb 2014
Saw this when I was looking online for a decent coffee.Also saw 200g jars of Carte Noir coffee
in Tesco for £4.00


everyday taste translates into English as 'tastes like crap'

this is awful, bitter and burnt

I prefer taste of this to Nescafe but each to their own

This really doesn't taste nice at all... Sorry :-) there's been a few offers on for £4/300g lately as well.. Nescafe and Nescafe Gold both at tesco, the burnt taste comment is very true, i prefer making fresh espresso but when i go instant i definately don't pick this
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