ASDA 750ml Stainless Steel Drinking Bottles £2.50

ASDA 750ml Stainless Steel Drinking Bottles £2.50

Found 25th Mar 2013
ASDA 750ml Stainless Steel Drinking Bottles £2.50

The ASDA 750ml Stainless Steel Drinking Bottle is ideal for people on the go. The stainless steel bottle keeps its contents hot or cold. Perfect for making sure you get your 2 litres of water no matter where you are. The screw top keeps the contents seal tight and the wide top means you can drink easily from the bottle.

Colour Blue
Brand ASDA
Capacity 750 ml
Dishwasher Safe No
Freezer Safe No
Material Stainless Steel
Microwave Safe No
Weight 145 g

Bought 2 of these, should be great for work.
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I know you're new to HUKD but you need to put the price & the retailer in the thread title (as per posting rules).

How easy is it to clean these? I always get told off for reusing plastic bottles! Shame this isn't at least a litre!
ffs anything else u think u could moan about .:(..........good product heat added........8)
You do have keep these clean, dont let them sit with stale water in for days or weeks. Quick rinse and then make sure they DRY. Common sense really. Iv never had a issue using this method but other will clean with Fairy or a weak bleach solution every now and again. I use one for hiking, wouldnt use it for Gym cos the Gym is FULL of germs always go disposable.
had these in pound world for years. fairy liquid warm water and a good shake keeps them clean
I am not sure about poundland and poundworlds but i think they have Aluminium bottles not Stainless Steel.

Stainless Steel is better than Aluminium from what i read they dont need an internal lining because of some kind of seepage from the metal. Stainless Steel is a neutral metal and this was the cheapest i found.

i was looking at 1 litre bottles also but next best thing was off Ebay for around £5
ASDA 750ml Stainless Steel Drinking Bottles


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