Asda Baby Event - 9th-21st September
Asda Baby Event  - 9th-21st September

Asda Baby Event - 9th-21st September

Just been to my local Asda and found the baby event starts tomorrow, Monday 8th September.

A few things were already on sale today and I spotted some of the shelf labels of other items available in the event. This is a quick list of what I purchased/saw

Johnson baby products £1 each
Cow & Gate - Creamed Porridge, 125g jar Stage 1 (4mths +) 15p
Cow & Gate - Rice Pudding, 125g Jar Stage 1 - 18p
Huggies Toybox - 3 x Huggies Superdry (34 nappies each) size 4 + 2 packs Huggies wipes, in a big green/blue Storage box - £15
Heinz Biscotti Variety Pack - 6 x individual packs (normally 84p) £4
Tommee Tippee Nappy Wrapper £10

Usborne Books - That's not my..... range £3 each

Am sure there will be more. I'll be back in the morning to stock up!


Thanks for the tip Heat added

Thanks. Heat added

please bear in mind though that this isn't in all asda's .
they seem to be taking it in turn each week

15p for a pudding. Might have some of that for myself!!!!


Also available which I purchased at the Lowestoft branch was the following
Chicco Winter London Stroller 0+ Months includes hood, rain wear and foormuff RRP £69.99 Asda Price £40.00
Lindin Travel Stair Gate Argos £34.99 Asda £15.00
Gracco Tea Time High Chair RRP £45.00 ASDA £25.00
This is just for example other bargins to be had as well:roll:

Brilliant thanks!

The huggies toybox is in sizes 3 / 4 and 5

Also the cow and gate porrige and rice pudding is in a pack of 6 for £1.50

Also Heinz biscotte is pack of 72 for £4, and cow & gate bedtime milk is on roll back to £3

Does anyone know if they are doing any double buggies?





Does anyone know if they are doing any double buggies?

no i dont think they doing any offers on double buggies i got this one a while back half price £39.99 when it was on sale but now its full price at £79.99might come back on sale this year as it always does keep an eye out:)

any one know what huggies training kit contains??


any one know what huggies training kit contains??

It contains a potty, a pack of pull-up pants, some stickers & a reward chart, a pack of wipes & a pack of kleenex pocket tissues. Good price for £5 but they only had size M at Oadby Asda (20-34lb) & my little boy is 20mths & 32lb - not ready for potty training yet either so the pull ups are no good because theyll be too small!
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