Asda Baby Event Starts 19th Jan!

Asda Baby Event Starts 19th Jan!

Found 3rd Jan 2009Made hot 4th Jan 2010
Lots of bargains to be had on nappies, wipes, baby food, baby clothes, feeding accessories etc! Read in the Adsa mag that it will be on until 4th Feb. May vary slightly from store to store.


link not working...

Starts 16th Jan......Thank you

Thanks for the Heads up... Need another bulk load of Nappies and Wipes!

Thanks for the heads up! :thumbsup:

Went Asda yesterday for nappies - by the lack of said item on the shelves or in stock, you'd think the baby event had started already - the whole isle was empty bar a few odd boxes here and there!

thanks for letting me know - our 5th is due beg of April :-D

Brilliant thanks for this

thanks for the heads up due baby 26th jan

Always worth a look these ASDA baby dept sales. Usually you can get big boxes of nappies or wipes for a fiver or thereabouts. Worth stocking up if you are an expectant mommy or daddy especially. Heat added thanks.

Fantastic, was waiting for this - we have 2 in nappies so get through plenty of pampers and wipes! :thumbsup:

thanks for the heads up

brill i needed some baby wipes i have just ran out hot!

ace hopefully will manage to get the johnsons box this time they make great gifts for my friends who are preg

is this an online sale ....or in store only ??? cheers...

Thank you very much for this! Just hope I remember nearer the time :lol:

i've just received mail from asda and the baby event is 19th jan - 6th feb

same here

Yeah I got something in the mail saying it starts on the 19th. I also called a few local stores and it seems they have not had any stock come in. Could be a lot to do with the weather as it was to start on Saturday.

Went to Asda @ Crown Point Leeds and the baby event has already started. Not too much out yet. Spoke to the staff who said they started early but expect a lot more on the shelves Tues+.

I thought it was meant to start today and went in the hope, but nothing, will need to wait until the 19th now

Just been to local one in Leics, and all baby stuff is already out ready. Just bought the sure-shut axis stairgates, as we're really desperate for these at the mo. Been putting off buying some since I knew this event was coming on. So glad that managed to get these a day early. Going back to see what else there is again later after work...

So is this on now? Or starting tomorrow?

I've got 3 x £1 coupons for Cow and Gate 1+ milk powder which is on sale for £5 - (RRP £ 6.95), if anyone wants to trade their £2.50 Zavvi voucher for them!

showing online now...…tml

it is a bit limited was hoping for a wider range.

Went into local ASDA this morning to check out the sale. Can say not a huge amount of things were there. Mainly nappies and the two types of wipes, Pampers and johnsons. Plus a few other bit's like spoons and bibs, dummies and come cups. Also the johnsons toiletries are down to £1 each so that's quite a good saving.

Same here - not overly impressed by baby event range compared to others they've had, think the confusion over start dates has had an impact on stock levels

Did manage to get pampers size 2 newborns - £8 per box of 96 (reduced from £11.96 apparently) and some fairy non bio gel and fabric softener, gel is £5 for just under 1ltr and fabric softener reduced to £1 from £1.68.

Also had fairy non-bio liquid tabs £4 for 22 washes.

Boxes of wipes in fairly short supply, only ones in Asda Gateshead where Johnsons, £5 for a pack of 6 but didn't have sensitive.

Could someone confirm something for me please. I bought the nania new trio car seat today. Had a look inside, there's no white polystyrene between the gaps like other car seats. Is it supposed to be like that?

Last day of the baby event... usually lots of bargains today

opps.. i am a few days too early ends on - 6th feb
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