ASDA Bamboo Skewers (100 Piece) 25p

ASDA Bamboo Skewers (100 Piece) 25p

LocalFound 17th Sep 2013
Summer is pretty much over but why not stock up on 100 Bamboo Skewers from ASDA reduced from £1 to 25p for next years BBQ! Found these reduced to clear in a large basket down the fresh meat isle. Other uses include kids craft sessions, a large tooth pick or maybe using as tokens to play cards?! ;-)
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I think they're meant to be useful for fragrance oils - once your original sticks are saturated and no longer diffuse the aroma, use these - quite a bit cheaper.
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Good idea...Ta! ;-)
paint them different colours and play pick up sticks :-)
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paint them different colours and play pick up sticks :-)

Or even better, paint them different colours (like you said) and use them to replace lost or broken Kerplunk sticks?! ;-0
Or push them into your flower beds to stop neighbours cat using it as the local toilet
all fantastic ideas!
Or make 400 kebabs X)
or use them with burgers, club sandwiches etc
They've always been this price @ Tesco (25p for 100) and my local (Carnmoney) is selling them currently @ 20p for 100!
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