ASDA British Free Range Eggs - Large pack of 12, 2 for £4 @ ASDA
ASDA British Free Range Eggs - Large pack of 12, 2 for £4 @ ASDA

ASDA British Free Range Eggs - Large pack of 12, 2 for £4 @ ASDA

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Asda are doing a pack of 12 free range eggs at 2 for £4, normally £3.07 a pack. So works out at 16.7p

Great deal considering the eggs are the large type and free range too!

In comparison to the other majors, they are all doing this pack of 12 of free range eggs for the same normal price (3.07) so for just under a pound you get another dozen!

Additionally in comparison to other free range eggs you are paying the same price per egg here as the lowest other offer available which is for mixed weight (which we all know are in fact a mixture of small eggs and extra-small eggs)



oh oh here come the bad yolks.....

this is good price.

i picked up 6 free-range medium eggs in Aldi for 85p two days ago - which works out about the same considering the eggs are smaller but slightly cheaper.

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always buy free-range. who would want to eat an egg from an animal that has never seen the sunshine?

they are very small, but good value

I buy 6 large free-range eggs for a quid...all year round. From the open market (Bull Ring markets, Birmingham).

How much are they normally from Te$co$?

Why cannot people stop believing that supermarkets are the cheapest option for food (of decent quality anyway). I'm sure many of us live within a decent distance from an open market which sells decent food at reasonable prices.

The problem with this deal for me is that
24 eggs will last me over a month by which
time these free range beauties will be past
their best. I prefer small packs.

Sainsburys is offering 15 free range eggs for £2, I think thats a better deal

Cold - 99p for 6 large free range eggs in Aldi and Home Bargains all year round
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