Asda Candy Floss/Tropical/Strawberry flavour Grapes @ £1.50 (400g)

Asda Candy Floss/Tropical/Strawberry flavour Grapes @ £1.50 (400g)

Found 9th Sep 2015
These are back again this year, available in Candy Floss, Strawberry, or Tropical flavours.
Priced at £1.50 this year, as well as being deliciously sweet, I think they're a good deal as they were £2 last year. Can't find them online so at the moment only instore.

Perfect for being vaguely healthy while eating something that tastes far too sweet to be good for you.

And for anyone who hasn't tried them, on first bite the candy floss ones really do taste of candy floss. The other flavours are less impressive, but still very tasty.
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Selective breeding for seedlessness, longevity, and other mass production and distribution favoured factors has limited the varieties used and thus limited the range of grape flavours available. This is one attempt among many at expanding the flavour range again.
Cant seem to find them online?
the candy floss and tropical ones are lovely I havent been able to find the strawberry ones
I'll await until they have banana flavour ones.
@.@ So awesome, one way to sway away from the sweet isle ;3
hmmm these sound good. never seen before
The candy floss were amazing last year, so glad they are back!
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