ASDA Celebration Chocolate Party Cake (Serves 15) £3.50

ASDA Celebration Chocolate Party Cake (Serves 15) £3.50

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Perfect for party bags !

ASDA Celebration Chocolate Party Cake Serves 15 slices - just £3.50

Moist chocolate sponge crammed with milk chocolate chips, topped with smooth chocolate buttercream and finished with milk, white and dark chocolate decorations. WHAT WE'RE ABOUT. At ASDA, we work hard to bring you the very best products at the very best prices. We care passionately about what goes into them and where they're from. That means healthier products and fewer additives


inb4 micoo mum jokes

very nice these and i think asda dont use hydroginated fats too,so healthier than a few brands

how to u add the picture to ur adver pleaset

fab deal heat added - anyone know how long this offer will last - never can tell with asda!!

Lovely cake! No trans fats, i know because i check the labels of everything and spend about an hour extra on my shopping!

They've been this price in my local for a while - didnt think it was particularly cheap though. Maybe im just out of touch with cake-buying....have to get some practice in

buttercream????? yuck. cake??? yum
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