Asda Charlie Allen Suits Have Now Gone Live - items start at £16

Asda Charlie Allen Suits Have Now Gone Live - items start at £16

Found 22nd Nov 2010
Having been first announced ages ago, ASDA Charlie Allen off the peg suits have now gone live. Also coats, shirts, Merino wool tops. Charlie Allen suits from Saville Row typically go from £1,500 - so for around £75 a suit this is really incredible.

Whilst the fabric won't be as good as a £1,500 suit, the cuts look really nice. Also, it being ASDA there are loads of sizes in stock.

Don't forget 8% Quidco!


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Arggh, I really like the look of these, I have bought one suit but feel compelled to buy more!..

not suits thou!

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not suits thou!

Yeah I'll ammend the title to make it clear suits do not start at £16!

Where are the 50" jackets though ?

And why do 40" waist only run to regular length - not every rounded bloke is a shorty !

Where are the 46" longs for us non vertically challenged folks?
Actually are these OK or do they look like they've been cut with a blunt knife and fork - like some chain store suits do?

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This rates them well for cut and they certainly look the part:….do


Yet another range of trousers where anything more than a 36" waist doesnt come in long length.
Why do they think if you have a larger waist you must be a munchkin.

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My suit arrived today and it is really nice!.. I think this should be hotter!.. But then I would I guess!..
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