Asda Cheese-2x250g for £3

Asda Cheese-2x250g for £3

Found 29th Mar 2010
Various Asda Cheeses in 250g packs. Two packs for £3.
Lots of different varieties.
The Extra Mature Cheddar is £2.08 per single pack so 2 for £3 is a good saving. (works out£6/kg).


Cheap supermarket cheddar at £6 /kg isn't particularly cheap.

Often better deals than that eg. Currently Somerfield/COOP has Wyke Farms at 1.2Kg for 6 quid! ie £5 /kg…asp (first one I could find) but I see deals on here all the time at better than that too, and as a result I only very rarely pay "full price" for Cheddar!

I don't think this is an especially good offer so cold from me.

(e.g. Tesco have a fairly tasty canadian mature at £2 for 400g at present (£5/kg) and a number of other cheeses at less than £6/KG)

sainsburys are doing Cathedral City 400g - buy 1 get 1 free for £3.88.

cold for this offer.

Asda cheese is terrible. Its really bendy and tastes nasty.
I think its like the American squirty cheese hardended. lol Something to do with being a US owned company?

Don't buy it.

Also, Morrisons have their cheese on offer at the moment. 250g x 2 for £2. For some reason it includes all the various types of 'own brand' cheese except for the double gloucester. Anyone know why?
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