ASDA Cheese aisle many reduced prices

ASDA Cheese aisle many reduced prices

Found 20th Oct 2014
Just a heads up.

ASDA (all stores - wife works in Admin!) are reducing many of their cheese lines in preparation for space for the upcoming Christmas deals.

I got:

Cheese board - was £5 now £2.50

ES Parmesan block - was £18Kg now £9 KG

ES Feta - was £2.50 now £1.25

Double buffalo mozerella - was £3 now £1.50

50% reduced fat soft cheese was £1 now 50p .

Etc. Enjoy!

Found in at least 4 west yorkshire stores.
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Mmm a whole island of cheese yum
I think this is supposed to say 'aisle' but I'll let you off because I like the idea of an island made of/for cheese.

Mmm a whole island of cheese yum

Very good!
I suppose you can understand the confusion though, as the shelves where the goods are is often an island, whereas the bit where you walk is an aisle.
Anyway, good deal.
lmfao - Freudian slip!

Isle correct it now
Any idea on shelf life? ?

Any idea on shelf life? ?

Full - as in what you'd expect from the respective cheeses. They're not short dated.
Hi,I visited Peterlee store,none reduced here,are you aware of any store in the north east with this offer? Thanks
I'll ask the wife, Denise but they all should be doing it.
Thanks,I will try another branch tomorrow.
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