ASDA Chicken Breast Fillets 750g £5

ASDA Chicken Breast Fillets 750g £5

Found 8th Sep 2009
I know it's not quite as good as this previous deal:…-4/
and also Netto do a better price apparently but this isn't too bad a deal. It's the Philip Martin branded chicken down from £7.48, puts it at the same price/lb as their Smart Price chicken (I think). They come in little bags which make it easier to freeze individually too.
Not expecting this one to get too hot, just thought i'd let y'all know. Online too
(Yes I know i'm a fool for posting a chicken deal) :P


Has the coupon expired?

what a sad little picture

You'll have the chicken welfare people onto you. They all hide on here, then jump out once a chicken deal is posted. It is kinda funny

Tesco do 'value' or 'market trade' or whatever their cheap make is now for £3.20/kg. Had some the other day, made a great curry. Quality vs price was fine, if you prefer your chicken hand fed fresh corn by naked virgins though look elsewhere.

Heat for the pic

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Has the coupon expired?

Hmmmmm.....I dont think I added any vouchers so not sure why they've attached. But hey, £30 off two photo books isn't bad
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