Asda Contact Lenses

Asda Contact Lenses

Found 19th May 2008
Asda contact lenses are really good value, they have the ciba lenses at £15 less than my optician.


Is this in-store at your local, or online somewhere?

asda's cheaper than costco! it's online I think

Why are there cold votes on this thread??:?
I always get my lenses from Asda as they are cheaper than other high street retailers. They used to be 5% cheaper online, not sure if this is the case now.
I prefer people to just leave a brief sentence as to why something has been voted cold. Do they they know where the lenses are cheaper? If so, please share it with us all:whistling:

heat added, I have bought Tesco online contact lenses before and use Tesco all-in one contact lens solution. It is much cheeper than buying through the optician and their pay monthly deals. I should think Asda are the same.

Voted hot.

Probably some cold votes due to some cheaper prices on

Plus for my lens I would only save £2 a month compared to Specsavers, plus I would have to buy 6 months in one go and would have to pay for checkups.

Still a good deal but it's not for everyone

Got mine from ]here a while ago when they were offering 20% cashback. Worked out at about £45 for 3 months.

ASDA also selling 2 pairs of glasses for £90.. all in.,.. in store. they have some good named brands too..Pay more for the extras, but this is normal..

Don't forget to bargain with your existing optician.

A couple of years back I moved to bi-weekly Acuvue at the recommendation of my optician (national franchise chain) and after a trial was very pleased with them. I had previously for almost 10 years had 1/4ly replacements and my optician had been best value for those.

I checked comparable prices for the Acuvue lens and fluids and made an allowance for optician aftercare (which I have periodically called upon in the past) and that gave me a ballpark figure for my existing optician to supply the new lenses + fluids + aftercare at and when they quoted quite a bit more I told them I needed a better price to retain my business and they complied.
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