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Asda DAB Personal Radio £22.50 @ Asda Instore
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Asda DAB Personal Radio £22.50 @ Asda Instore

£22.50Asda Deals
Posted 15th May 2013Available: National

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Thought this was worthy of a re- post as out of stock online as my original post but is still worth every penny of its asking price. I am using mine as a cheap upgrade to digital radio in the car - just plug it into the aux socket and the lead acts an ariel , with which I have not lost any signal.
You can also use it to connect up to home hi fi or simply as a portable player.
Yes it only uses AAA batteries but rechargeable ones are only a couple of quid on eBay and alkaline will last ages anyway. Yes, you could use your mobile phone instead but you are using your data up and will probably lose signal more often.
As Pure and the likes sell similar items for around £70 this really is a no brainer.
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Good little radio but you'll need rechargable batteries for it. Useful sleep function.
Out of stock and it's also £30
Correct link.
Instore !!!
I purchased one today (17/05/13) in their Basildon store. (There were 3 boxes of 10 on the shelf). I'm actually impressed with quality of the reception on this radio - and it is LOUD!
Anyone got tips for using it in the car? Tried a few aux leads in various positions and the signal keeps breaking up when moving.
Last week I gave up when seeing it inside Asda at £30, but someone on Digitalspy said, get it scanned in-store. Did that today and bought at £22.50.

I knew about the £18 Tesco one - very similar and online in stock apparently:
Tesco £18 pocket DAB radio
but this takes 3 x aaa cells which I think makes managing rechargeables a pain.

Out of stock and it's also £30Correct … Out of stock and it's also £30Correct link.']http://groceries.asda.com/asda-estore/catalog/sectionpagecontainer.jsp?skuId=910000397963&departmentid=1214921923802&aisleid=1215109789266&startValue=''

Pick it up in store and ask them to scan it like I did today, comes up at £22.50 which I went for.

Anyone got tips for using it in the car? Tried a few aux leads in … Anyone got tips for using it in the car? Tried a few aux leads in various positions and the signal keeps breaking up when moving.

I plugged mine into car Aux socket quite low down, then slung the wire horizontally across the dash with the radio. The £1 shop has these 3.5mm male to male connectors and its helpful to have a long cable This way I am getting about 98% coverage on my commute of the BBC mux, the other 2% being gurgley.

Found out that in-home reception is much improved from when I last tried a personal DAB radio many years ago. Just have to put the radio a bit away from myself so the earphone aerial extends out a bit and reception is good.
Now found that putting this radio in the car roof sunglasses holder and letting the audio cable dangle straight down to the aux socket gives an excellent signal no dropout and I can safely change channels too. In car DAB for around £20 WOW.
I think i just live like in a poor reception area, once I'm out of town its fine.

Currently using a splitter as well, so earphones and aux cable are both connected.
This radio is no longer in stock and what a shame! I've had this little cracker for 2 years and it is amazing! Invest in a decent pair of headphones & rechargeable batteries and you're laughing! Reliable and amazing sound quality!
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