Found 4th Aug 2009
Was in ASDA today (Lowestoft) and they had the following DVD's on sale:
My Name is Earl S1 - £15
My Name is Earl S2 - £15
My Name is Earl S3 - £15
Smallville S1 - £10
Smallville S2 - £10
Smallville S3 - £10
Bones S1 - £17
Bones S2 - £17
Bones S3 - £17
Supernatural S1 - £11
Supernatural S2 - £11
House S?-? - £14
Desperate Housewives S?-? £10 (I think)
Stargate S7-9 £20ea
Battlestar Galactica Final Season - £23
Battlestar Galactica 1980 - £10 (I think)
Sex in the City S?-? - £10

...And a few others that I forget. I can upload a pic of the receipt if needed, but it doesn't show product names, just numbers.
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well done for not posting them individually like half of the morons around here
Wow a deal in my local ASDA. How I have waited for this day after seeing loads and loads of other ASDA instore deals on HotUKDeals which are never in my local.
Now if just the local Currys&Comet would also follow suit then it would really be paradise on the east coast.
Smallville season 1 - £8.97 - tesco
Smallville season 2,3 - £9.89 - sendit
Supernatural - season 1 - £8.97 - tesco

others probs cheaper but bored.

Next cheapest S2 of MNIE is £15.99 though. Not sure about S3.
anyone got the new list for £2 dvd's yet?

anyone got the new list for £2 dvd's yet?

Ta- da…168
Supernatural is good. I like the sam and dean, you shoud pause dean when he is eating , oh my god, you'll realise how ugly he is when doing that
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