ASDA easter eggs, half again
ASDA easter eggs, half again

ASDA easter eggs, half again

in my local asda tongiht, was said "half everything again, thats what youll pay, its just not marked down yet" here are a few prices i can remeber

lindt bunny down to 80p
kids chaarcter egg, egg cupe and spoon down to 40p
kids character bowl,cup toast cutter and egg down to £1.25
black maagic eggs, down to £1.25

i cant remeber any more however i know you maybe dont want eggs but, even 1.25 for a dora the xploere bowl and cup, or 40p for a night garden egg cup is not bad!

my local asda in elgin


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why the less percatnge?? already been posted??

the prices are only the same as when they 1st came out and they were £1 for a medium egg

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im not taking about medium eggs, it was the big eggs or the small kids one? so when easter eggs first came out you got the kids pack for 1.25, cuz i paid £4.00 for mine

My local Asda had no eggs left ...

mine has a wall of them!! i was tempted when i went in as they were £0.50 for a small smarties one.. if there £0.25... perhaps ill buy buy buy.. lol

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yeah they would have been 25p, u canna even buy a tube of smarties for that price??

Voted hot.


hot......all the more choc to increase my fat ass!
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