Asda Extra Special Mince Pies reduced to 5p!

Asda Extra Special Mince Pies reduced to 5p!

Found 31st Dec 2017
Was in local asda in Hamilton and they had their extra special mince pies rduced to 5p for a 6 pack.
Best before date is 24th January 2018!
Had loads left and assuming it's subject to stores having stock. I would also add it would be instore only.
Cant see it posted already but if it has please expire
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crates full in bradford rooley lane discounted. But not sure of the price.
ASDA here close 6pm and got real good bargans.
Love these too
It will be store specific so kind of a goose chase, our store had 236 left which all expired on 29th, no one cleared it even at 1p
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OMG! What a bargain! 5pence for six mince pies. Super deal! Thanks for sharing.
Sure these are very nice, but not a patch on Aldi's chocolate orange mince pies, though they're not reduced!!!!!!!
Frome were £1.50 this afternoon
Dammit I paid 38p haha
brychris1st Jan


x3 my ASDA had some in today yet they didn't have any on the 1st for 38p
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