Asda Extra Special Wines 2 for £8 (so £4 each)
Asda Extra Special Wines 2 for £8 (so £4 each)

Asda Extra Special Wines 2 for £8 (so £4 each)

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Extra Special wines normal selling price is £7-£8, they have recently been reduced/rollback but are now on 2 for £8 (so effectively £4 each). They are typically a little better than the 3 for £10 & the wines on 3for£10 have recently been restricted to very poor wines. Some of the wines on offer are:

Cab Sauvignon

Wine Regions are French/Italian


Yes the recent 3 for a tenners have taken a quality dive off a cliff - but I found the Asda "extra special" cabernet sauvignon to be not that special at all. I'd be interested to hear what people think of the others..?

Sorry, still hot btw

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OK I've tried 3 bottles tonight (only 1 glass of each lol):

Chardonnay: full flavoured, creamy, cheesy, nutty flavours, maybe slightly oaky, I dislike the oak taste (its usually artificial) but this didn't affect my enjoyment

Soave: I liked this 1 the best, Citrus and flavours

Voigner (sp): I enjoyed it but can't remember as I had this first lol, very full flavoured

Lakeside - I did try the Cab Sauv a while ago and I didn't like it either a bit rough, maybe it would have benefited from being open for a day to give it air, that tends to soften some reds

Thanks for that 440lbBench, I'll at least give the Soave a try!
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