Asda George Clothing Sale Started Online

Asda George Clothing Sale Started Online

Found 12th Aug 2017
The Asda George sale is online. You have to search through the categories and sort by price to find the best deals but there are some bargains to be found. I got a few bits for myself and my 2 year old daughter!
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Women's and men's sale is pretty poor 😞 only 26 items
I found it yesterday afternoon and there was plenty. Its not in the actual sale section yet so you have to scroll through all of the department you are looking at.
When does it start In stores?
When does it go live
why is this getting hot? It's ****
Not that much on sale
cgrainger1233 h, 12 m ago

Women's and men's sale is pretty poor 😞 only 26 items

It's showing 652 items for me.
no you can search each secation
In my experience, the George branded stuff has been really good - I got 4 sweatshirts in a sale 10 years ago, and wore them in rotation for years at work. The actual cotton fabric didn't fade at all and is still pretty much as new, only the sleeves went a little baggy (from pulling them up to the elbow).
Fed up with Asda. They don't have the stock they advertise online or in-store it's so annoying.
When its instore?
Instore Monday 14th August
Can't wait!
Asda George sale has always been bad I think. . There's never much in it especially for girls online.. its always rubbish.. asda don't sell womens size 6 clothes online anytime.. either which im not happy about x
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