ASDA george sale starts instore (tomorrow)

ASDA george sale starts instore (tomorrow)

LocalFound 2nd Apr 2014
Just recieved email. Sale started online today 1/2 price. Instore from tomorrow. Mens clothes,shoes,womens coats,girls,boys,baby and more! Grabbed a few bargains from online going to pop instore tomorrow to have a look
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Another sale .there's one every month.Quality of their clothes leaves something to be desired.
My asda already has the clothes layed out ready and will sticker them when the store closes so pop by today to see if they even have any of the items you want
They also reserve for 24hours to
Hope this helps
Always starts same day as online in my local.
personally I've not had any problem with the quality of clothes, especially the children's x
half price at George would that make everything a couple of quid already thought it was cheap
Their sale never ends and it's always dire.
I love asdas clothes for my kids and so do they. The wash great and great value for money, even better when the sale is on
I don't buy anything from George unless it's sale, it's worth it half price but never full price
they seem to be getting more expensive for their normal full price clothes lately too
I always buy george clothes for my daughter. Really good quality
Must admit, not bought George for years with not having an ASDA nearby but about 15 years ago I always bought their stuff for my son (along with next, debenhams and McKays) and was really impressed with the quality of their stuff. On other hand I wouldn't touch primark as I found their stuff always fell apart at the seems.

Another sale .there's one every month.Quality of their clothes leaves … Another sale .there's one every month.Quality of their clothes leaves something to be desired.

I have some clothing from there and they are fine. My missus gets loads of things and they are quality for the price.
Love george clothesfor my kids. popped in today and there was a sale rail of things for three pound or less. grabbed 2 tops for me and two for my daughter for a tenner instead of £38
They offer 100 day money back guarantee so if the quality is lacking then you just take it back. I've never had a problem with their clothes!
My local had lots reduced today to £2 but beware, the exact same items were also on the sale rail at half price, averaging £6 each
I find George clothes are really poorly desgined and overpriced especially for mens wear. They are poor value for money when fully priced. Our Sutton store usually have the crap stuff on sale.

I would rather wait till Saisnbury TU have their sale which is a flat 25% off everything with better desgined clothes and you collect Nectar Points.
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