Asda halogen GU10 50w bulbs 6 for £4 (saving £2)

Asda halogen GU10 50w bulbs 6 for £4 (saving £2)

Found 5th Oct 2010
As above, Asda own brand halogen GU10 bulbs 2 x packs of three for £4 (usually £3 each). Better get stocked up now we'll be needin' em more with the late nights approaching :-(


Not bad. B&Q doing 4 for £1 but as usual out of stock so this is best.

morrisons 3 for 1.99

2 for £1 at Poundland!

Good price but the trouble is the quality. ASDA and B&Q lamps of this sort seem to last about 5 minutes*. GE don't seem to be any better.

Does anyone know of a really reliable brand?

I did find some that lasted over a year but I can't recall exactly where I got them and the lamps themselves didn't have useful markings 12 months + on.

I've heard (but not yet tried for myself) that the new LED versions are brighter whilst using only 15-20% of the electricity and having a life of 25 or so years in normal use. Trouble is at £30 - £35 for each lamp you've got to be thinking long term while taking a chance. Not quite that brave yet myself.

*When I say "5 minutes" what I mean more literally is anything from a few weeks to a few months.
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