Asda hand towels 75p @ Asda Instore

Asda hand towels 75p @ Asda Instore

Found 14th Jan 2018
This has previously been posted but they have reduced the price even further so worth checking your local store. The hand towels were 75p, bath towels were £1.75 and the bath sheets were £2.50. well worth stocking up, they had orange, Grey and navy in my local Hunts Cross branch
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Robroyston had orange and biscuit

Good deal. Anyone else found this in there local?
wow great deal for a hand towel. Lucky to get a face cloth at this price. Have some heat.
damn I just ordered them online as they were cheaper but not this cheap. oh well

great deal tho
Available inBangor Wales
Thank you OP!
Just been in and got the large orange ones

Purple was £6.50!!!
Orange Bath Towel £1.75
Orange Hand Towel £0.75
Orange Bath Sheet £2.50
not reduced in Coatbridge or Cumbernauld
Purple color and white were on sale in the Rooley Lane bradford branch. Purple bath sheets left for £3.50 and white bath towels/sheets and hand towels
I got 4 orange bath sheets on Friday for a tenner, they seemed to just have been put out.
Bought an orange bathsheet last week - very good price £2.50!!!

They are a tiny wee bit thin but for the price ye canny beat em as long as ye dinny mind the Guantanamo colour - cheapest in Primark is about 7 squid, three eels and a salmon!
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