Asda hand wash dispenser only 20p

Asda hand wash dispenser only 20p



Nice find! Will have a look in my local
Seen in preston too but dont match my bathroom
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Good price - but honestly, you'll end up throwing it away after a month or two, they aren't great.
Did they have a plastic soap dish to match. We haven’t got a local Asda but I would travel to get a soap dish. The last soap dish I had was stone and looked nice until it smashed the sink. One I told a couple of people my story I realised it was a common sink smasher. Heat from me as a plastic soap dispenser will not smash my sink. Even though it is still superglued together still six years later. My contabution to the day is
(A)don’t buy anything but plastic and
(B) superglue out of the pound shop hold half a sink together for six year and more hopefully
heat from me x
Put vodka in them, put them in the fridge - spread them out at a party.
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