ASDA - Harry Potter Years 1-5 !!£15!! PLEASE READ INFO!!!!

ASDA - Harry Potter Years 1-5 !!£15!! PLEASE READ INFO!!!!

Found 11th Mar 2010
I went into my local Asda where they had an offer of 3 DVD's for £9 so when searching for DVD's I came across the first 5 Harry Potters DVD's in with the offer and also bought myself a copy of Hancock to make it 6 DVD's for £18

But even so, i thought it was a decent offer getting the first 5 Harry Potters for £15 basically (£3 per DVD) considering box sets for them are more than that!
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New one is £3.99 at play…pri So £18.99 for the 6 if you do both.
Bargain, they were doing this 3 for £9 a few weeks ago at my local store but when I went back to get them the offer had finished. Will go & check if it 's on again
Yeah I saw that offer too, am tempted to get it! thanks for the link
Also you can get Half Blood Prince from either Amazon or Play for £3.99
Why are they still doing box sets? I can understand with Bond films for example, as the series is effectively infinite. But there were a finite number of Harry Potter books, there will be a finite set of Harry Potter films, so why buy half a box set when you know when the full set wil be available eventually?!

I'm fairly sure you can now get 1+2, 1+2+3, 1+2+3+4, and now 1+2+3+4+5. Who is buying them!?!!!!

(Good price though)
Who is buying them? People who don`t have the films! or dont have all on DVD like me, so good post, thanks
Haha i prefer just individual DVD's because if anyone ever wanted to borrow a particular one you wont need to lend them your whole box set and just give them a particular disc. Obviously depends on the box set layout, some have separate DVD cases anyway.
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