Asda Instore Cheap Tea and Coffe ie. 240 PG Tips £1.93

Asda Instore Cheap Tea and Coffe ie. 240 PG Tips £1.93

Found 27th Jul 2007
Asda today instore, may be national have reduced top brand name tea and coffee to clear, end of line. not dated, for example 360 PG Tips £1.93, 160 Twinnings 65p 80 Organic for 35p. Large Kenco Rich £1.65, Rapport 65p, Roubouts Coffee normally £2.19 now 50p plus plenty of other names. can tremeber all of them ansd what prices but they had loads.

PG TIPS Pyramid 240 bags not 360 as mentioned
- caverncity
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Twinnings classic Traditional Afternoon tea 50 bags @ 50 p. Tesco has these at £1.83 !!:-D
Did you by any chance notice if they had started a baby goods promotion?
what strange people. coffee thats normally £2.17 now 50p and PG Tips normally nearly £4.00 now £1.93 and more bargains but you vote cold, any colder and the tea wont brew.
I voted Hot . With prices like this I can buy a few, provided
they don't pass sell by date.

Don't get too hung up about sell by dates would be my advice.
the sell by dates on the PG's are 2009, and they are best before.
my local store seems to be going through reducing slow sellers
they are currently on the tea/coffee aisle as mentioned
all there own bran teas earlgrey/assam/breakfast are 30p for 50bags

last week we picked up cooking sauces packets for 5p

PG TIPS Pyramid 240 bags not 360 as mentioned- caverncity

I did wonder when I saw this yesterday as PG don't do 360, too big for retail, too small for catering lol.

Good price though for a bit o' monkey tea :thumbsup:
Nothing in my branch, all normal price. Oh well.
I like a good deal but Tea prices being so low could force some Third World producers into facing bankruptcy.…xml
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