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Asda Large counter pizzas 2 for £8, Deep pan or thin and crispy online / instore

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£4.75 for one so a good saving if getting 2, also are quite big, could easily feed a family of 4 or one greedy panda like me
Asda More details at Asda

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    I love theseeee Hawaiian all the waaay 🍕🍹🍍
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    best pizzas going
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    Tasteless garbage from our local Asda. Morrisons ones are much better.
    Did you remember to take the wrapper off.
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    Judging by the width of salami, these are about 10 inches
    It does look like it from that picture tbf. But the large pizzas are 14 inches
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    Fajita steak are the best by far!
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    Mmm pineapple and anchovies
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    The 66p Asda essentials pizza is by far the best pizza they do... honestly you will not be disappointed. 7 mins in air fryer
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    14" thin, bbq base, ground beef, steak, chilli cheese, chorizo, garlic oil...

    Thank me now or later, I dont mind!
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    Ours have been out of the garlic sauce for ages. Anyone else got similar issues?
    From may too August you couldn't get any, asked the counter staff and they said it was because the supplier had gone bust so we're looking for a new one, since August they've had it in all the time, so worth going to check if you're store has it back in
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    This apply to stonebaked bases too?
    The thin and crispy are the stone baked ones, do you mean the woodfired crust ones? If so unfortunately not, it's just deep pan and SB thin and crispy, the stuffed crust and Detroit based also aren't included
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    Is this available for build your own?
    Yup, got two today with my own toppings
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    These have increased price significantly over the past few years if they are now £4.75 for one?
    Yeah, still cheaper than a takeaway but I remember back in 2019 when the large was only £3.75, my favourite base is the stuffed crust and that's gone up too £5.75 from £4.00, the quality has also declined, the deep pan bases are alot thinner than they used to be
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    Usually buy from Sainsbury's! They've increased the price from £4 to £6 for the large pizza
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    They're horrible. Frozen bases thawed out and cheap toppings. They're just the same as the prepacked ones except you have to wait for somebody to assemble them. 🤭
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    I used to live on these before I moved home & away from the big ASDA.

    Heat 🔥
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    These make a brilliant midnight snack for 2.
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    Remember when these use to be £3 back in the day.. still out go to for pizza, as £4.75 beats dominoes. But they keep going up, will be £10 in couple years probably
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    Does this include the sky deal?
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    Really hit and miss, these used to be really good consistency but recently one's have been a bit bland. Maybe it's just the Romford Asda.
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    If we order these online they invariably send us frozen Asda pizzas as a sub. Its a shame because the massive veggie deep pan one is great. Why they give us it as an option to buy online when they have subbed it for years is beyond me!