Asda Loaded Icecream Tubs 480ml - Only £1
Asda Loaded Icecream Tubs 480ml - Only £1

Asda Loaded Icecream Tubs 480ml - Only £1

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ASDA's own brand versions of Ben and Jerry's icecream range.

Normally £2.57, right now only £1.
Fantastic price for great icecream!

Flavours available
- Cookies and Cream
Creamy dairy ice cream swirled with chocolate sauce and crammed with cookie crumble and pieces.
- Millionaires
With swirls of rich toffee sauce, chocolate buttons and chocolate covered shortcakes. Smooth toffee dairy ice cream swirled with toffee sauce, milk chocolate buttons and chocolate covered shortcake pieces.
- Cheeky Chimp
With swirls of banoffee sauce, chocolate flavour chimps and caramelised pecans. Smooth toffee and cream dairy ice creams swirled with banoffee sauce, chocolate flavour chimp shapes and caramelised pecan pieces
- Rocky Road
With chocolate sauce, crunchy chocolate digestives and chewy marshmallows. Smooth chocolate dairy ice cream swirled with marshmallow flavour mousse, chocolate sauce, milk chocolate covered biscuit pieces and mini marshmallows.
- Choc Fudge Brownie
With swirls of chocolate sauce and scrummy chocolate brownie pieces. Smooth chocolate dairy ice cream, swirled with chocolate fudge sauce and chocolate brownie pieces.


Sickly sweet, tastes cheap and nasty.

Does the job for my less-discerning kids, but wouldn't eat it myself. Would much rather eat 1/4 as much of a premium ice cream... though they're regularly on offer, too.

Nice. Deciding which one (or two) to get will be the challenge...

these are VILE , dont bother

Agreed Vile

Agree too, took one spoonful of my last one. Think it was chocolate brownie.

Original Poster

I have a strong stomach....I hope.

I had the cookie one, dire.

Blimey - you lot are HARSH!!!

Rocky Road's not bad but a bit sickly sweet; Fudge Brownie is nice; Sticky Toffee is nice; Millionaires is nice!!!

Well worth £1 just to try 'em...just a shame they don't do an equivalent chocolate chip cookie dough!

These things are not worth the money it cost to produce. Save up and get something you enjoy.

Had some of a caramel-based one a week or two ago (at £1) and it really was horrible. I'd bought two thinking they couldn't be that bad, and ended up binning one and a half (the kids managed a bit each - I couldn't take more than two small spoons of the stuff.)

Absolutely awful icecream.

Edit - might've been the Millionaire one, but I'm not sure.
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i was wondering how many sins on slimming world, but now i have read the comments dont think i will bother!

Accidentally bought one of these thinking it was a Ben and Jerrys! How wrong i was!!!!

i left one out for the birds and found them eating tubes of superglue to keep their beaks shut...

just read the by line: "fantastic price for great ice cream"... hell's bells, mr asda. i hope you choked on that sentence, much like a heaved on the rocky road...

i... not 'a'....

Got to agree with all the ice cream connoisseurs in the thread. I thought this stuff has been a pound for a quite a while, was less than impressed. You can get cheaper ice cream that tastes nice without a doubt. Asda have a cheek pretending it's worth full price. I can just see their marketing team now sitting scratching their heads. How can we compete with the likes of Ben & Jerry's and Haagen Daz. Oh a stroke of genius, lets put it in a tub like those aforementioned duo and stick the cheapest ice cream we can find in, then add some cheapo bits of chocolate and stuff. Then charge 60% of of the price.

Ooo thanks for posting will pick one up today

Original Poster

Ok so I had to road test this as I have a couple in the freezer - tried the Rocky Road last night.

It aint great icecream but it's perfectly acceptable as a cheap dessert. For a pound I'd expect a single flavour with no bells and whistles. This goes beyond that so is completely fit for purpose.

Y'all just fussy palates an shiz.

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