Asda Mini Taster Wine Bottles Now Half Price

Asda Mini Taster Wine Bottles Now Half Price

Found 31st Dec 2008
Asda have now reduced several of their Mini Taster bottles from £2 to £1.
The best deal for the New Year is ASDA Extra Special vintage cava 20CL, great for midnight.
The cost of the 75cl bottle is £5.97, so it is also cheaper to buy the tasters.
You also get a £2 voucher off a purchase of the 75cl bottle with each Taster bottle purchased, that is valid until 01-03-2008.
Examples of other Mini Tasters available at £1 are:-
French Connection special reserve merlot 25CL (£5.98 for 75cl bottle)
Extra Special Cotes du Rhone villages 25CL (£4.48 for 75cl bottle)
Campo Viejo Crianza 25CL (£6.47 for 75cl bottle)
Casillero del Diablo cabernet sauvignon 25CL (£5.96 for 75cl bottle)
Sorry there is no direct link, but if you search Asda website for items you should find them (e.g. Cava or Casillero).



excellent..hubbs only takes the odd glass with a the mini bottles are a great buy,esp at this!

Very good deal, but this has been on for a few weeks now, was already posted and I made use of this.

I wonder whether they'll still honour the £2 off vouchers?

Don't you need to show your receipt for the taster bottle purchase?

Edit: Looks like you might just get £1 off a 75cl bottle if you buy online

From asda's website:

"When you buy a mini taster, ASDA will place an e-voucher for the value of the mini taster directly into your account within 7 days of placing your order online. If you like the wine and buy a full bottle on your next order, select the e-voucher and we will deduct the cost of the small bottle from your shopping."

2nd Edit Picked up six of these £1 bottles this afternoon in Asda, Edinburgh Chesser Avenue, and got six £2 off vouchers on the till receipt.
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