ASDA Mixed Selection Cookies (20pk) - £2 @ Asda (Instore and Online)
ASDA Mixed Selection Cookies (20pk) - £2 @ Asda (Instore and Online)

ASDA Mixed Selection Cookies (20pk) - £2 @ Asda (Instore and Online)

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These come in a big donut style box, look great value for money seeing as 5 usually cost 99p
5 x double choc
5 x white choc
5 x milk choc
5 x oatmeal & raisin (I think)


Excellent value, heat added!

Asda cookies are lush, great deal

nice find will look out for them

Awesome deal! Shame my nearest Asda is Crawley!

These are store-specific(ish). My sister works in the ASDA's bakery and she texts me when they're doing these. I think they only do them when they have too many cookies, so not all stores will have them at the same time, just gotta get lucky.

Great stuff when you can get 'em, though. Heat from me.

Im addicted to the oatmeal & Raisin, cant beat them with a nice cuppa mmmm

ye seen these last year down in reading asda but not in muy local. But they are one of the nicer tasting cookies

HOT. I usually buy a pack of 5 cookies for £1 every week. ASDA's are so soft.


5 X White Choc
5 X Double Choc
10 X Milk Choc

Bought last week

Better than £88 for two highly synthetic doughnuts.



cookies r my favor, great deals!:)


never had a mixed pack before but looooove these big packs!

did not have any in my store i was told because the deal was over by one person and by another that it was never on erm nice if you can find it thanks for the post

dohhh !!!

Mmmmm Asda cookies are amazing! White choc are my fav.

I love these cookies when theyre not overbaked. It seems that at least half the time I buy them, they are hard and crunchy, not chewy as they should be. Bit of a lottery. Maybe just the bakers at the Clydebank shop though!

Aww noooo now i gotta get even more fatter :s
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