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Posted 25 November 2022

Asda Mobile Unlimited Data, Calls and Texts Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts 5G - Up to 2 Mbps - 1 Month Contract - £15 @ Asda Mobile

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Black Friday promotions are only available on recurring bundles. If you select no, you will not receive the promotion.

Black Friday discounts
Reduced price is applied to the £20 and £30 unlimited data recurring bundle when activated online via My Account from 03.11.2022 to 30.11.2022.
Bundle must be set to recur to receive offer.
Bundle must be activated online via My Account.
Lifetime promotion, Black Friday recurring bundles purchased between offer live dates will continue to receive reduced price after promotion end date.
Offer will be removed if recurring bundle is cancelled or changed.
Bundle promotion only applies to new customers

2 Mbps speed limit on the £15 bundle but unlimited data.
Asda Mobile More details at Asda Mobile

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    5G, an insanely fast network that's limited to 2mbps? Ridiculous. That's on par with almost 20 year old internet speeds.

  2. Avatar
    I think Smarty are doing something similar at around the same price, but without any of this insane speed capping nonsense - just depends how good Three is in your area though...
  3. Avatar
    2mbps? (edited)
    2mbps is a joke lol
  4. Avatar
    I'm going to watch a moooooooooooooovie!
    be buff none stop lol
  5. Avatar
    Sorry OP, had to go cold. Would be a cracking deal apart from the 2 mbps cap… half tempted to complain to them because that’s false advertising if ever I’ve seen it so blatant, advertising 5G but capping them at 2G speeds? Disgraceful
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    Nice Idea, priced too high for the low speed. The £20 package looks good but sometimes can be beaten by shopping around (5g). These are the same plans Vodafone offers, just 2/3 of the price. Post again with the £20 all unlimited 150 meg and it might get traction. (edited)
    That one's already posted:

    Curious if the speed cap is 5g only as I'm not in a Vodafone 5g area.
  7. Avatar
    Horrendous deal
  8. Avatar
    really bad deal in every sense
  9. Avatar
    For someone like me, this deal would be perfectly fine so I'll give it some heat - not that that will make a bit of difference
    So what is your usage? You use more than 200GB/mth?
  10. Avatar
    Wonder why it's 2mbps. My friend told me Asda mobile does upto 150mbps.