Asda - Muller Light Yoghurts (10 for £1.31)! - Instore

Asda - Muller Light Yoghurts (10 for £1.31)! - Instore

LocalFound 22nd Jul 2013
Buy 10 different flavoured Muller Light Yoghurt's for £4 on offer at the moment. Pay for this and 3 hours later compare the shopping on and receive a voucher for £2.69 off your next bill as Sainsburys are selling them cheaper. The website seems to ignore multi-buys!

I've done this twice as wanted to make sure I got it right before publishing it here
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Do they have to all be different flavours ?
So you buy "single" yoghurts "in store" then go online for the price check ? Yes ?
Will cost you £3.40 for 10 at Sainsburys.Voucher should have been for 60p?
if you buy ten different you don't need to buy anything else for the shop to compare.......
Can you seriously be bothered with the hassle?

Who has the time?
8 have to be different. I think voucher is more because multibuys are ignored, 34p each at Sainsburys and 68p each at Asda. I got £2.69 twice when I compared shopping, don't know how. No hassle if you are shopping anyway and you eat yoghurts. Not worth getting the car out!
I did this yesterday just to confirm the deal in Kent. Did the price check just now and got a voucher for £2.92. Free money if you live near an Asda, nothing wrong with a cold yoghurt in this heat.
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