ASDA - Persil Small & Mighty Non Bio 85 Washes £10.00

ASDA - Persil Small & Mighty Non Bio 85 Washes £10.00

Found 19th Aug 2010
Picked up a bottle in Asda where it said it was reduced from £14.99 to £10

MEGA VALUE. 85 washes*. *RRP comparison of cost per wash with Persil 630ml pack. BRILLIANT RESULTS WITH JUST 1 PRODUCT. Persil Small & Mighty Non-Bio is the next generation of liquid detergent that is kind next to sensitive skin. The first 2x concentrated liquid detergent, that lifts out stains for a really deep clean even in cold water. Just 1 cap is enough for a whole wash load. "Small & Mighty" - mighty cleaning power from a smaller bottle, developed specially for sensitive skin. Cleaner Planet Plan. We're working hard to make sure that we're not only making products that are great at cleaning but that also tread lighter on the environment. Because Small & Mighty is concentrated it uses 1/2 the water to make it, 1/2 the volume of packaging and half the lorries to deliver it. We promise to do our bit - and you can help make an even bigger difference by doing some simple things. Find out more at Outstanding results even in cold water 15?C. Dirt is good. PERSIL NON-BIOLOGICAL FABRIC WASHING LIQUID

They also have SURF Bio 85 washes for £8.00


My target price for washing detergent is 10p per wash so the Surf Bio would be of more interest to me personally. However I guess if you want a big brand and/or you don't want bio then this is a decent deal.

It's £9.99 in Sainsburys

Now £9


now £7
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