Asda Pet Event from January 2 to 16
Asda Pet Event from January 2 to 16

Asda Pet Event from January 2 to 16

Seen this just now on the Asda website.

Cat and Dog

Some of the offers will be:

Wagg worker (12kg) food £5 (save £3.16)
Pedigree Denta Stix (28-pack) £5 (save £3.16)
Catsan litter (10L) £4 (save £2.90)
Whiskas 25-pouch pack £4 (save 2.87)
Iams proactive nutrition succulent roast chicken (3kg) £4 (save £4.74)
Feline Fayre multipack (8?5g pouches) £1 (down from £1.87)
Feline Fayre Simply (3?5g) £1 (down from £1.57)


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Link your.asda.com/201…ion

And wow she has big fake eye lashes :w00t:


Link http://your.asda.com/2010/1/2/happiest-pet-competitionAnd wow she … Link http://your.asda.com/2010/1/2/happiest-pet-competitionAnd wow she has big fake eye lashes :w00t:

They're her pet spiders!


They're her pet spiders!

am not one for being cruel to animals or owt,but maybe she should think about chucking her pet spiders out the nearest window

heat added for the post anyways as i always get stocked up on my dog food when this is on,always a nice change from the everyday fry ups i normally have lol

Whiskas 25 pouches for £4 NOT in Northampton ASDA! I know, I made a wasted-flippin-journey there yesterday to stock up! :-(

Got some Iams this morning at less than half price.

Funny how women will fake-up any part of their body they can. I REALLY don't understand the whole makeup thing, never mind the fake boobs, fake tan, fake teeth, fake nails, fake lashes and fake fecking hair! Jeez what a waste of money. No wonder women don't get taken seriously. I don't exactly believe, trust or respect a person who has a clown face with bits of plastic glued to them.

But yep some decent prices there if you can find stock.

also pedigree jelly and gravy 12 pack £5 and whiskas jelly and gravy 12 pack £5
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