Asda premature baby clothes range starting at £3

Asda premature baby clothes range starting at £3

Found 16th Jun 2014
I know this post is probably not applicable to the majority of people on HUKD but for people who this post is applicable to, it is a really useful piece of information.

When my baby was born prematurely (but very blessed to be healthy), I struggled to find affordable baby's clothes like bodysuits, sleepsuits and jackets (yes, even in the summer to keep warm!). Then I stumbled upon Asda premature baby range and found they are quite affordable.

The range of clothing features 100% cotton, flat, open-out fitting pieces (easy to put on) with extra poppers (to allows tubes and wires in the neonatal unit) and irritation free seams.

Three sizes: up to 3lb, up to 4lb and up to 5lb

Three items available: sleepsuits, sleeveless bodysuits and jackets

Each item is available in 3 colours: blue, pink and white.

Jacket: £3
Sleeveless bodysuit (pack of 3): £5
Sleepsuits: (pack of 3): £7

10% from the sale of this product will be donated to Tommy’s charity!

Forgot to add: if the range isn't stocked at your closest Asda, order to collect (free C&C) at your closest Asda store. (which is a bonus because you can collect 24hr a day!)
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These are great prices. Both my daughter and nephew were born prem a few years back and I remember mothercare being the only place to get the smaller clothes. They were very expensive! About time that other shops have these sizes at reasonable prices! Thanks OP
They are great & the are really cute aswell. I found the ones I did find to be just basic pieces but this range is lovely x
My son was born premature weighing 3lbs (thankfully is now a mad crazy 18 month old) and buying stuff for him was a nightmare. Mothercare the smallest was up to 5lb - and £15 for 3 sleepsuits. His feet reached the bum bit (he was still wearing them at 4 months old!) this would of been a god send then x
Great price! Seen these in Asda today, very impressed they are now supplying prem clothes! Just wish they were doing them when my daughter was born! Mothercare was only place for prem clothes and very expensive! I have noticed since then boots 'mini mode' now do prem range too!
Thankfully both my children have not been premature but I've seen how expensive they are glad to see supermarkets are selling them voted hot xx
My son was less than 2Ib at birth and I remember how hard it was to find clothes some years. Glad to see more places selling perm clothes now!
It's very important. Hot!!
That's a great find for those who need them, I have a little girl who was born 1lb 2oz and found it really hard to find small clothes x
Thought id put my 2 penneth in...seen these & worth mentioning that they are lovely quality & also they have lots more fastenings for babies that have tubes/lines or maybe jaundice lights.
Really pleased ive never had2 use these as its been me thats poorly & thankfully not my babies....our last bundle is arriving this thursday by elcs. Hats off to you ladies that have had prem or poorly babies xxx
Wow- my babygirl was born not prem but tiny for a 7lb5 girl and tiny baby was huge on her aswell(she must have big bones) and was in special care - we found it very hard to find clothes to fit her - she was still wearing tiny baby at 3 months and even now at ten months can fit into her 3-6 months vests. We love george at asda and am so pleased that they have launched this range -much more helpful to new families on a budget :-) wish we would have heard about this sooner! But definately great to keep in mind for ny future bAbikins x x
My son was born 4lbs 1oz 10 weeks ago I almost bought these but already had plenty of early baby clothes from my first son who was 4lbs 8oz. (All over priced mothercare) Fab price
I had prem twins and bought everything for them from Mothercare. This would have saved us a fortune. Voted hot
Voted hot , fab price.My boy was ten weeks early and weighed 2lb 10oz .
We paid a lot more for bits out of mothercare and a local shop which stocked prem clothes, wish they had done this a few years ago!.
My girls were born weighing 2lb and my youngest just 1lb. Wish these were around a couple of years ago! Hot from me
seen these ..they are soo cute.great that supermarkets are doing them so reasonably priced..thankfully never needed them though..x
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