ASDA ProPlus packs 10p

ASDA ProPlus packs 10p

Found 17th Dec 2008
I cant find this on line and may be store specific?, but found in my local ASDA (derby spondon) they have pro plus at 10p a pack

these are anywhere from £1.93 to £3.69 so 10p is a bargain if you use them that is lol

there £2.82 on the ASDA website

Relieves Tiredness, Fast Acting - Feel More Awake! 48 tablets per pack.

Caffeine for the relief of temporary tiredness. Caffeine is a stimulant which can help to maintain mental alertness and make you feel less tired.

Each tablet contains the active ingredient: 50mg Caffeine Anhydrous Ph. Eur. - also contains Sorbitol and Magnesium Stearate.

Directions: always read the detailed directions on the pack. Adults: 1-2 tablets with water if preferred, as required during the day. Do not exceed 2 tablets in any one hour, or 12 tablets in 24 hours. If tiredness persists, consult your doctor.
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I was involved in a thread last night(misc) all about sleeping tablets/people with insomnia, now this!!!!

With running after kids all day this is what I need just to get through the ironing!!!
ah brings back memories of student days lol

ah brings back memories of student days lol

MM them were the days!!!!

ah brings back memories of student days lol

love ur username! haha

yeah not a good idea to mix with paracetamol, coffee and red bull.... end up with a headache and needing to use toilet frequently with an exam looming in 10minutes...:whistling:

already been … already been posted

[COLOR="Magenta"]Great find proves there in more than one store :thumbsup:[/COLOR]
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