Asda Sale now on

Asda Sale now on


got to laugh, they've got Call Of Duty: World At War for the xbox 360 in their January sale

RRP: £48.99 You Save: £9.58

price: £39.41


cold from me, can't understand people who vote hot just because it's a sale??

I paid £27 for COD5 at launch from ASDA (which i was delighted with)

All to often its happening now, games are reduced to £14.99-£19.99 on a weekly basis and all with new releases!
So when the regular shops have a sale it just looks BAD, £39.99 for any game is to much these days!


lol, that's one item, i'm sure there's a bargain in there for someone:) … lol, that's one item, i'm sure there's a bargain in there for someone:) 1000's of items reduced, you know:w00t:

go on then, show me one that is a good bargain ;-)

sale my ****


yeh right, like i'm really gonna trawl through their "sale" lol:w00t::p

exactly, anything that was a decent bargain would be on the home page, once again a store tries to sell the same things it can't shift all year under the title of a "sale"

here here.39.99 is to much for a game nowadays, i got cod 5 for 27 at asda on day of release, it aint cheap anywhere else one of the few that has stayed at a high price, looking back i had an atari2600 in the 80s and got many games at 35-40 quid even then, i remember paying or parents paying 50 for missele comand. would never see anything equivalant in price now , only ghwt band in box.

I agree to post this sale as a hotdeal you should name some of the hot deals otherwise it could be just one of those so called sales lots of stores. eg plays last monster sale
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