Asda sale on the 2 for £20 toys

Asda sale on the 2 for £20 toys

Found 18th Dec 2011
the toys that were previously 2 for £20 in glenrothes fife store have been reduced disney dress up dresses £6, big recycling lorry,tow truck,helicopter £10 ,, bob the builder jackhammer £5 etc dont know if its store specific not online yet though.
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Not Going to be hot

Not Going to be hot

cheers , will save a bulb. X)
hope this is the start of their pre xmas sale? will go to my local in the morning to check...been waiting for it to start
they flicker fairy things they had went from £17 to £5 aswell but they flew out the door pardon the pun lol
Can confirm picked up some from Asda in Leicester
I got Lego sets reduced from £30 to £12, loads of good buys to be had.
will have a look tomorrow thanks

I got Lego sets reduced from £30 to £12, loads of good buys to be had.

Which ones? Didn't see any marked down much but had loads of other toys marked in our local. Would be handy to know what to look for incase there are things not marked too.
i got the crayola doodle penguin for a fiver rrp is around 25
It was Lego marina, also the alien conquest one was £15, Harry potter lego hogwarts game was £12. Harry potter monster book was also £12, this was in asda shaw.
Unfortunately, is store specific. Went into Tamworth, got them to scan loads of stuff, but none of it was reduced. Good delas to be had if you can find them though.
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