Asda sandwich, drink and crisp meal deal £2 @ Asda

Asda sandwich, drink and crisp meal deal £2 @ Asda

Found 11th Aug 2009
Any 1 of 4 flavour sandwiches priced at £1.75, a 500ml bottle of Abbey Well water and a standard sized packet of Seabrooks crisps ( any flavour ) for £2



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i would rather lick the pavement than eat an Asda sandwich !!

good price though, well spotted but i will stick with the Mrs

its £2 not £1.75 the title is quite misleading, and the deal is the same as the one tesco have done for a while now

but the abbey water coem with swim cap that is a free swim voucher at certain places on a monday so bargain if you ask me x

I voted cold as sainsburrys deal is better, you have a choice of around 5 different sandwich's a pack of walkers crisps any flavour and a bottle of coke, diet coke, coke zero and many more. So buying sepret would cost around 3.50 but its 2 pound
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