Asda Sauces Sale Instore from 4p

Asda Sauces Sale Instore from 4p

Found 19th May 2008
Following on from the Curry sauce for 4p

Asda also have the following;

Good For you Low Fat Mayonaisse 1 litre for 75p
Own Brand Picallili 275g for 4p
Good for you Brown Sauce (squeezy bottle) 460g 13p
Good for you Tartare Sauce 205g 13p
Daddies Brown Sauce 400g 26p
Daddies Tomato Ketchup 400g for 26p

They also have plenty of other condiments reduced I just can't remember what, Asda in Gravesend had a section of shelving with all the reduced sauces on it


it has already been posted

good post

Is this online too?

Nice prices if you've got one near you - which sadly I don't (although I did in London).......


its just old labels they are clearing out , everything is good dates 2009 /2010 just varies from store 2 store what they got left , spend half an hour and u can find lots of things ( look for yellow labels ion shelves )

Nothing in my local store ......

also had seafood sauce for 10p in my local

None in my store , checked in the reduced section and on the shelves and went and asked staff , and she said no no sauces rduced in our store Milton Keynes
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